How can I update my on-call schedule?

You can call the number you forward your calls to and update directly with an agent, or better yet, email your on-call schedule to oncall@directlinecontactcenter.com.  By emailing, the supervisor and the operations manager receive your schedule and make sure it’s posted to your account.

Can I  update my schedule for appointment availability?

Sure, you can log in to your scheduler and do it yourself, or email your schedule changes to customerservice@directlinecontactcenter.com and we’ll do it for you or give you a call to discuss changes

How does bundling services work?

Choose your base service, live agent answering service, virtual receptionist or bookkeeping, then for each service added you receive a 10% discount.

Direct Line Contact Center, LLC is privately owned, woman owned, veteran owned company.  All calls are taken in the U.S.A.